Lewis & Clark EP

by Marconi

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This EP is a collection of certain finishable tracks from a group of songs written after the "Minutes to Manifest Destiny" batch. They each represent a different stage in my decision to move from Massachusetts back to New Mexico to finish my undergraduate degree. During the year following that decision, I drove my spry 1990 Honda Accord from Cambridge through Chicago to Santa Fe with a trailer unadvisably hitched to the back, and then from Santa Fe to San Francisco and back. The whole adventure fittingly piggy-backed on the ideas explored in "Minutes to Manifest Destiny," channeling the first words on that album--"Coast to coast"--from a telephonic notion of distance into an actual accomplishment. I'd gone from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I'd manifested some sort of destiny. So I've called it "Lewis & Clark." It felt right.

Recording and arrangement began as I finished "Minutes to Manifest Destiny," before I moved back to the Boston area and roped friends into our current full-band outing, so we've taken things half-way: That stunted effort has been wrapped up as a group filling out the one-man-band project Marconi was originally. So consider these songs an epilogue to the full-length, a prelude to what we we might sound like when I'm not left to my own devices, a palate-cleanser-slash-appetizer before our most recent (currently, as we speak!) efforts come to fruition. It takes a long time to catch up and we're all excited to be getting there. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this offering while we're prepping the next course.

- Luke


released July 20, 2012


Marconi are Luke Kirkland, James Towlson, Robert Peckham, Jason Perry, and Jeffrey Walsh.

Luke played instruments and sang.

James sang background vocals on all songs and played bass on "If Less Is More."

Robert played some kind of keyboard on every song.

Jason played lead guitar on "The Art of Memory," "Sleight of Hand," "Lewis & Clark," and "If Less Is More."

Jeff joined the squad mid-process, so he got shafted. Dude's on deck.

But we did all clap and stomp together for "Lewis & Clark" and "If Less Is More." So there's that.

Lastly, on the cameo tip, Caroline Golden sang background vocals on "Lewis & Clark" like a champ.


recorded and mixed by Luke Kirkland with additional engineering by James Towlson and Robert Peckham

artwork by Luke Kirkland

mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering




all rights reserved


Marconi Boston, Massachusetts

Majestic indie rock for antiquers and train buffs.

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Track Name: General Wilkinson's Acceptance of the Louisiana Purchase, Paraphrased
Our maiden names are middling,
Lanyard as a naval office decked on call.

Luther, Wilkes, Tecumseh,
Edgar, Wendall, Scott, Paul, Delano, Graham.

Cue: “All the other blackbirds knew.
I know it’s true.
I’d rather smart a spell to hear the news from you.”

15 million dollars. 15 millions dollars.
Who would e’er refuse?
15 million dollars. Oh, 15 million dollars.
Who could stand to lose?

“Let’s double down the M-I-S-S.”
“I’m tired. Aren’t you?”
That’s such a way to waste a fine canoe.
Track Name: The Art of Memory
It’s been the wrong time for a vacuum.
And now that you’re twelve days in the gray I feel more comfortable.
Just pay back that twenty spot forget-me-not.
I’ll stretch and see you soon.

Oh I’m steeped in the beet-blood of an old race
Of gentlemen whose alls depend on ladies’ grace.
So, you put the hurt on sideways
And pretend that you wanted to go.

And I’ll stay.
But if you want to, you can make the most of fold and folk.
And I’ll say:
If you want to, you can shake your own complaints.
The roads go back to your old ways.

Come home.
I’m coming back home.
Come home.
I’m coming.

And I’ll stay.
If you want to, we can make the most, encave and cope.
And I’ll say:
If you want to, we can raise a toast to flame and folk.
And I’ll say:
Don’t hesitate. I’m programmed to the slow jams of the hit parade
And it’s only been one day.
Time’s a tease and tinkering ticking away.
Keep caping your name, I’m roping you back to your old ways.
Track Name: Sleight of Hand
Please take this raft away.

I lift and shake.
What have you weighed?

I’ll walk you home.
Don’t leave your hands alone

To chance, to chance.

Haven’t you bailiffs where I rest my cases?

You cut into my stacked decks and hold;
My sleight of hand folds.

Each age is pressed to say:

We’ll make it past.
But that’s all you have.

Whitewater traps
Will shred this mountain pass

Unless, unless...

You cut into my stacked decks and hold;
My sleight of hand folds.
Track Name: Lewis & Clark
Don’t take my word.
Any deserts/desserts deserve adequate research.
Forget the burden I’ve interred.
Suffer the worst of your traveler’s insurance.

So say you go and away we go--
I keep it all in my own.
Or say you don’t and away we go--
I leave it all on my lonesome.

What’s the benefit in this load:
Ruin the engine and wreck the suspension?
Deliver evidence and I’ll fold
Or see you recuse when I tire of excuses.

So say you go and away we go--
I keep it all in my own.
Or say you don’t and away we go--
I leave it all on my lonesome.
Way to go. Away we go.
I'll keep you all in my restless moments.

I am half of a man to these antic Hispanics,
A shade of a man to these rapt academics. Or so I’m told.
Oh, how will we go that fork in the road?
Chicago is a shorter way home. But San Francisco’s golden.

Vindaloo. (“I love you too.”)
Track Name: If Less Is More
The several times you’ve owned to walking in your shadow
Arrange in each a case at length to hold
Your claims--still far in tone from burned on flesh or set in stone--
To task until I’ve closed on your “I won’t”.

But when the mess upends the mending motion,
Oh, are all of my attempts a host?

If less is more I hope you don’t notice.
And if’n less is more I hope you don’t…

The bags and baggy tips are for the bellman.
The room’s a cozy home to wreck and roll.
If I have a pick to plumb your poor sentimental amor,
Is there a coal I’ll abhor in my role:
Be drone, be droll?

That now the reins are knots deranged and groping,
Oh, are all of my attempts as gross?

If less is more I hope you don’t notice.
And if’n less is more I hope you don’t…
If less is more I hope you don’t notice.
And if’n less is more I hope you don’t go.